a slutty high-maintenance cliquey bitch for whom drama is a kind of oxygen. This is the kind of girl who actively enjoys judging other girls for their worthiness and keeps a tight group of girls exactly like her. They don't realize how much distain they receive from the rest of the student body and even future employers.
"Just some sorority girl. You know how they are."
by jamie552 November 23, 2013
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Team 10 is a group of social media idiots who blindly follow their leader Jake Paul which people say that he has a mind of a 8 year old who is a racist, liar, and a egotistical bastard.
Team 10 aka neighbors from hell are group of internet star rejects who have nowhere else to live, but at Jake Paul's house where they terrorize their innocent neighbors for entertainment for their YouTube channel to get over 1 million views.
by Marcus Killian August 04, 2017
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To become sexually aroused to the point where you are unable to think clearly.
I got the mad flow that makes all the ladies get hot and bothered.
by DB September 18, 2004
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Literally "sister-fucker" in most North-Indian languages; ben (sister) + chod (fuck). Also used occasionally to indicate sheer delight, excitement, or anger. Increasingly common amoung non-Indians as well in countries and areas with large Indian populations (e.g. New Jersey, Toronto, England).
This benchod is going to die!
Benchod, i cut myself!
by barry kumar October 19, 2006
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